| 2019 International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety

Alexander Jannink

Alexander is a passionate advocate for road safety, focusing on interventions that improve road user behaviour. He is Managing Director of Acusensus, an innovative road safety technology provider which delivered the world-first distracted driving enforcement camera solution deployed by the NSW government – “Acusensus Heads-Up.” This solution automatically detects illegal mobile phone use as well as other dangerous behaviours such as speeding and unlicensed driving.

Prior to founding Acusensus, Alexander was Head of R&D for Redflex Traffic Systems and has developed camera enforcement technology that has been deployed in over 30 countries. He has particular expertise in radar system design, camera system design, sophisticated image analysis and software development. He holds a BE in Mechatronics with Honours from the University of Melbourne, along with a BCS and an MBA. He has been called as an expert witness in several jurisdictions.

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