| 2019 International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety

Hafez Alavi

Dr. Hafez Alavi, Transport Accident Commission, Australia

Hafez is passionate for and well-versed in road and transport safety. He believes we have an inalienable right to transport safety, and works tirelessly to realise the vision of Zero fatal and serious injuries on our roads. An inspirational leader, Hafez builds cohesive teams, develops Mission/Vision and roadmaps, forges partnerships, communicates inclusively, and delivers promises and successful outcomes.

Currently, Hafez is the Director of the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) at the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, Australia. SSRIP is the infrastructure arm of Victoria’s Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy. Towards Zero is the most ambitious plan in Victoria’s road safety history, aiming towards a 20% reduction in deaths and 15% reduction in serious injuries within five years.

Hafez has 20 years of experience in the fields of road safety management and engineering, injury prevention research, transport planning, and the Safe System research and practice in the public/private sectors and the academia. He completed his PhD at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), where he researched into road safety and injury prevention with a focus on pedestrian safety in concentrated urban environments. Hafez plays the piano, learns foreign languages, and enjoys literature and the visual arts.

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